What can you help me with?

If you're a business owner or a widow/widower, you've come to the right place.

For anything financial related, we are your team. Investing, Planning, Life Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning Strategies, you name it. We can help and bring in the appropriate professionals when necessary.


Why should I choose you over any other advisor?

A couple reasons.

First, we specialize in serving business owners and widows/widowers here in Springfield, OH. Our best relationships are with these two unique groups of people.

We are business owners, too, and understand the complex financial world that owners find themselves in. We also know how to treat widows/widowers like our own family as they go through one of life's most difficult scenarios.

Second, we enjoy digging into the investment strategies for our clients and discussing in relatable terms (stories, analogies, comparisons, etc.) how that fits and benefits each client.



What will the first meeting look like?

You talking and us listening. We sit down with a blank pad and a pen to get to know you and your circumstances. Then we will strategize as a team and put together a quote with a couple options for you.


What's it cost?

It depends, since your circumstances are unique.


Will you tell me ALL the fees up front BEFORE?

Yes. We always disclose everything up front so it can be a part of your decision making. Full disclosure, all the time. That's part of being a fiduciary in Advisory relationships.


What's your investment philosophy?

We take a personal-needs approach to our strategy. We believe your investments should be set up to accomplish your goals and desires, not just aim for a certain number or beat a certain benchmark each year. You have specific goals, with specific time-frames, and you have a specific comfort zone for your investments to move around in. We design the strategy around that. And we actively monitor the economy and your life to make adjustments as things change.


Do you push a certain line or brand of products or funds?

Nope. We are independent and choose an appropriate set of products and funds for each client. We are not required to use one certain brand or fund lineup, although we are familiar with and prefer a mix of a few core strategies that we tailor to each client.