Providing guidance and strategies to the Miami Valley for over 30 years.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive & problem-solving approach to your wealth management needs, are looking to turn your retirement goals into realities, readjusting to a new “normal” after losing your spouse, or selling your business, our family-owned team would love to get to know your situation and help you through these next phases of your life.



Whom do we serve?

Wealth Management Services






We believe money is a tool. A tool to do what? If you’re not 100% sure of the specifics, no problem. We’ll help you discover and clarify what you’d like your money to do for you and collaborate with you on a flexible plan to do that.

Our team will also collaborate with your tax, legal, and insurance professionals to seek to take advantage of planning opportunities, instead of missing them and playing defense when problems arise.

Another part of our wealth management process includes investment and planning strategies that seek to mitigate the impact of market meltdowns and lawsuits. If either of these risks are a concern to you, give us a call to schedule an introductory appointment.


Confident Retirement








Two of the biggest risks to working toward achieving your retirement planning goals are those market meltdowns and lawsuits. Our comprehensive financial planning process and our “Lifestyle-Based Investing” seek to address those risks as you prepare for and enter this next stage of your life.

It’s also important to consider what you’re looking to do in retirement. For those non-financial aspects of retirement, we’ve included this video about our process called “RETIRE2” to help you find balance for your lifestyle during this exciting time.





Over several decades of serving many widows/widowers, we’ve seen just how many changes there are to work through, especially financial ones. We'll help you through them, one step at a time.

During the first year, it's completely normal to second-guess your decisions or feel overwhelmed at times.

This is why we make ourselves available to you as a resource during that time. We are there to give a second opinion on anything you're wondering about, while patiently helping you adjust to this "new normal" in your finances.

If you'd like to see if our team of specialty advisors would be a good fit to walk alongside you in this season, Contact Us for your Introductory Appointment


Business Owners:

If you’re considering selling your business to retire in the next 5 years, give us a call. We can help you prepare for and walk together through the sale by collaborating with the appropriate tax, legal and insurance professionals and serving as another advocate in your corner. Our goal is to help leverage some of your time and provide some additional expertise with the necessary financial planning that comes with selling this business you’ve spent years building and developing.