Providing Guidance and Solutions so you can make Informed Decisions.


Business owners:   

  • Do you want a 2nd opinion on your 401k/profit-sharing plan? Here's our approach:

    • Plan Fees- are they competitive?

    • Proactive Monitoring- is this being done?

    • DOL & Regulatory- is anything missing?

    • Do your employees have access to CFP® and CKA® Professionals year-round? (Note: Ours do.)


  • A 2nd opinion on your personal investments? This is what we keep in mind: 

    • Is there a strategy to make updates in different economic cycles?

    • Income planning- is it tax efficient given your circumstances?

    • Any opportunities to tax-loss harvest?

    • How efficient is your giving to charities?


  • Are you looking for an advisor who makes your life and your CPA's life easier during tax time?


  • Is there a big upcoming decision that you would like some advice on?


If you've considered any of these recently, the next step is to Book a 15-minute Intro Call.


After that Intro Call, if you're ready, we can schedule the first meeting. Our financial advisory team including 2 CFP® and CKA® Professionals will sit down with a blank pad of paper and a pen, and listen.

Then, we will put together a quote with a few options to provide you with guidance and solutions so you can make an informed decision.

We'll tell you all the costs up front because we believe it is important to be fully transparent from the beginning. 

We'll even share our process to work with your CPA and/or attorney to make everyone's life easier.




We have years of experience serving widows/widowers.

There's a lot of changes to work through, especially financial ones. We'll help you through them, one step at a time.

During the first year, it's completely normal to second-guess your decisions or feel overwhelmed at times.

This is why we make ourselves available to you as a resource during that time. We are there to give a second opinion on anything you're wondering about, while patiently helping you adjust to this "new normal." 

If you'd like our team of specialty advisors to walk alongside you in this season, Contact Us for your Free Consultation.