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Investment Management Services: Our Approach









We know that you have worked hard to earn, save, and grow the money you have invested. We believe that time is our ally in investing, and that evaluating and minimizing catastrophic risk is critical to your goals and purposes for your investments. This is why we use an Investment Decision Making process. We walk through this process together to create clarity and confidence in your decisions while having the ability to review and evaluate it later.

Our foundational approach to recommendations is preserving and steadily growing your capital while taking no more risk than is necessary for your situation.



Investment Management Pricing combined with Financial Planning:


Up to $2 Million: 0.80%-0.95% of Assets Under Management (AUM)

More than $2 Million: Negotiable


Investment Management Only*:


$100K to $2 Million: 1.00-1.15% of AUM

More than $2 Million: Negotiable

*$100,000 minimum for Investment Management only.



Financial Planning Services: Our Approach








Our financial planning approach always starts with understanding your core Beliefs. With that as our foundation, we then look at your Investments, Goals, and Giving strategies and tailor principle-based advice to your situation. Our goal is to help you manage your wealth and resources according to time-tested principles so you can live with clarity and confidence at each stage of your journey. These 3 offerings are templates we use to customize our services to fit your needs.



Introductory Life Planning:

We work together with you to organize and develop initial strategies as you start and continue your journey. Topics may include introductory retirement planning, initial insurance strategies, budgeting & debt restructure, and individually tailored behavioral financial coaching.

Initial Planning: $1000

Ongoing Services: $70/month



Advanced Life Planning:

We work together with you to tailor in-depth planning solutions and prepare the next beneficiary/steward for your life's significant transitions. Topics may include detailed cash-flow planning, basic estate planning/wealth transfer strategies, roth conversion review, and multiple goal analyses.

Initial Planning: $2000+

Ongoing Services: $125/month




The B.I.G.G. Picture Formula:

Designed for clients with at least $1 Million, this service is our premier offering. We collaborate with your third-party professionals in helping you build and live your B.I.G.G. Picture during complex situations. Topics may include advanced estate planning/wealth transfer, generosity planning, small business planning, income tax strategies, and stock option analyses.

Initial Planning: $3000+

Ongoing Services: $200/month



A la carte Services or Quickstart Planning:

While most of our clients fit within these models, some prefer a different style of service. We are pleased to also offer a la carte services starting at $150/hour.

For those clients who desire a smaller offering or need initial guidance for a DIY, our Quickstart Package is available for a one-time payment of $400-$600, including up to 3 topics of the client's choice.


We tailor our meeting frequency to your needs and preferences. We are flexible to meet in person, by video, or by phone.


Financial planning offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor.